Jul 4, 2013

The ways to make a cute cartoon -- Big head

If you want to draw a cute cartoon, Should listen that. I will teach about the ways to make a cute cartoon. Drawing a cute cartoon is easy to do. What is the organ that the most important in the picture? In general, i will answer every part of body. But in this case, you want to draw a cute cartoon the most important organ must be the head.

Why the head is the most important in drawing a cute cartoon. It's because the big head make the cartoon lovely and can express extremely emotion. So, if you want to make a cute cartoon the first that you must do is Draw a big circle or oval to be a head and then draw a little body. If you make that, the cartoon that you draw has 50% of cute. 

I speak that, you maybe unbelievable me. So i will draw a sample and give them to you.

My pictures are a little blur. Sorry. But this theory is a fact. Although, your cartoon has a ugly, cartoon is so cute if it has a big head. you can get this theory to use in your cartoon. i confirm it must so cute, if it isn't, you will kick my bottom.

Okay! i will go to read a books now. Good bye baby! See you again next time!