Jun 2, 2014

Red cheek cartoon

Hello everybody i come back again ,today i come back with many cute pictures. I called "red cheek" for this cartoon. The highlight of this cartoon is has a red cheek. You may imagine it by read me.

The first, draw a oval head and neck. Then draw small/lean muscle extremities. In this step i'll give structure of man. Then, draw a detail of man eg. hair(make it with many line), eye(don't make round eyes because it's realistic), nose, mouth(must have cleary lips), clothes and the key point of "red cheek cartoon", surely it's red cheek. You take a round brush and get soft red to make a cheek have a redness but don't get very very red -> It must so ugly than i can't imagine lol.

The step of "red cheek cartoon" is end. Ah! i think you imagine yet. So let's see my collection!


This is a part of my collection that i show you. And i'll show it to you again in next time. Thanks for visit my blog. See you again next time. Bye bye.

Feb 9, 2014

when i go to etsy

Hello don't see everyone about month lol. sorry sorry, i've very  busy day. today i go to here to tell about etsy. Do you know it? aha! i will tell you now.

Etsy is a website about shopping online. It has a little special. It's a shop for who love handmade and vintage things. Uhmm! Why i tell you about etsy? Yes, it's same that you think i go to etsy and create my shop 'Sketcafes'.  I think long time what thing that i can buy in Etsy? paper cut? card? origami? and in finally, i see in the art category. I think i can buy them. So i'll create 'Sketcafes'. This is my first time to do it, so i want every help to support me, i'll feel very happy.

Thank you for read it. If i can sell this i'll go back to tell you again. Bye bye.
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sketcafes
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sketcafes

Oct 26, 2013

SAI program2

Yez!! hello somo come back again and again lol. after i have an exam, i try to use SAI program. It's similar to photoshop, so i can use it a little bit (because i can use photoshop a little bit too lol).


Okay! see this. It is a template picture that i use to try SAI program. This is my picture in the old topic.

And this is a picture that painted by SAI program. I change in a details and go to photoshop to change a color balance.

I think this program is so convenience. But i can't use all functions of this program (because i don't know lol).

Ah!? today about SAI program is end lol. It's so short, i just want to report the progress of this. So in SAI program3, i'll teach (a little) basic of this. See ya!!