Jul 6, 2013

Inspire ways

When you was young, your teachers must give the question ' what would you like to be in the future?'. what were you answer them? Surely, in that time we don't think so much and don't know why it is important? The time that i have serious think about my future is the high school period.

In this time, we also know what are you like and skillful? I was hesitate about my way so much. Because i like to draw cartoon so much but this job can't make a living. So this cause i will choose in healthy science way. That job is secure and i like about science too.

But one day i see one cartoon. It's Bakuman. The story about cartoonists. It makes me think again and again 'what i want to do?'. I think about this in many months. And in summary, i get an answer.I will study this continue and have a drawing in my hobbit. 

Today, i have happiness life. I want you to think again about you way. It maybe go to wrong way, but if you change your opinion, i will not bad so much. Sorry again about the article. I don't have time to write it. i give a promise when i pass the exam time i will write it about 2-3 article in day again.

Now bye bye ^^