Oct 26, 2013

SAI program2

Yez!! hello somo come back again and again lol. after i have an exam, i try to use SAI program. It's similar to photoshop, so i can use it a little bit (because i can use photoshop a little bit too lol).


Okay! see this. It is a template picture that i use to try SAI program. This is my picture in the old topic.

And this is a picture that painted by SAI program. I change in a details and go to photoshop to change a color balance.

I think this program is so convenience. But i can't use all functions of this program (because i don't know lol).

Ah!? today about SAI program is end lol. It's so short, i just want to report the progress of this. So in SAI program3, i'll teach (a little) basic of this. See ya!!